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Aerni, Mary Jean
1978  Review of "Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 8, California," edited by Robert F. Heizer [JCA].

Allan, James M.
1998  What Have We Here? The Rediscovery of Nelson's Mound 259 [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Allen, Mark W.
2003  Comments on Papers Presented in the Plenary Session of the 2002 Annual Meeting: Teaching Archaeology in the 21st Century [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2007  A Protohistoric House in the Argus Range, Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake [PCASQ - PDF].
2007  Three Archaeological Landscapes of the Mojave B Range, Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake: Pilot Knob, Indian Spring, and North Eagle Crags [PCASQ - PDF].

Alter, Ruth C.
1993  Interpreting the Sabre Springs Site: How Everybody Won [SCA Proceedings].

Altschul, Jeffrey H.
1989  Review of "Cultural Resources Survey, Upper Santa Ana River, California," by R. Paul Hampson, Jerrel Sorenson, Susan K. Goldberg, Mark T. Swanson and Jeanne E. Arnold [JCGBA].
1991  The Deep Creek Site Revisited [SCA Proceedings].

Altschul, Jeffrey H., Richard Ciolek-Torrello, Donn R. Grenda, Jeffrey A. Homburg, Su Benaron and Anne Q. Stoll
2005  Ballona Archaeology: A Decade of Multidisciplinary Research [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Altschul, Jeffrey H., John G. Douglass, Richard Ciolek-Torrello, Sarah Van Galder, Benjamin R. Vargas, Kathleen L. Hull, Donn R. Grenda, Jeffrey Homburg, Manuel Palacios-Fest, Steven Shelley, Angela Keller and Davis Maxwell
2007  Life at the Nexus of Wetlands and Coastal Prairie, West Los Angeles [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Altschul, Jeffrey H. and Joseph A. Ezzo
1995  Ceremony and Warfare along the Lower Colorado River during the Protohistoric Period [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Alvarez, Susan Harding
1996  On-Site Integration of Cultural Resources Management Objectives and Military Land Use [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
1997  Isolated Cultural Landscapes through Time: A View of Central California Coast Range Human Response to the Landscape and Heritage Management [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Anastasio, Rebecca Loveland
1988  Middle Horizon Sites in North San Jose [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Anderson, Eugene N.
1975  Review of "December's Child: A Book of Chumash Oral Narratives," edited by Thomas C. Blackburn [JCA].
1977  Review of "The Eye of the Flute: Chumash Traditional History and Ritual as Told by Fernando Librado Kitsepawit to John P. Harrington," edited by Travis Hudson, Thomas Blackburn, Rosario Curletti and Janice Timbrook [JCA].
2005  Review of "Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California's Natural Resources," by M. Kat Anderson [JCGBA].
2005  Review of "Survival Skills of Native California," by Paul D. Campbell [JCGBA].

Anderson, Megan E., Alejandra P. Jimenez, Katharine Jackson, Kiri Buppert and Todd J. Braje
2009  The Archaeology of Small Things: Mass Harvesting on San Miguel Island, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Anderton, Alice
2006  William Oliver Bright [JCGBA].

Andrews, Allen H., Kenneth W. Gobalet and Terry L. Jones
2003  Reliability Assessment of Season-of-Capture Determination from Archaeological Otoliths. [Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 100(2):66-78.]

Angulo, Jaime de
1974  Achumawi Sketches [JCA].
1975  The Achumawi Life-Force [JCA].

2008  Indian Fishing Contrivances [JCGBA].
2012  Malcolm Farmer Remembered [PCASQ - PDF].
Apodaca, Paul
2001  Cactus Stones: Symbolism and Representation [JCGBA].

Apple, Rebecca McCorkle
1999  Introduction to Recent Archaeological Investigations at the Salton Sea Test Base, Imperial County, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2005  Pathways to the Past [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2013  Malcolm Rogers: Ancient Trails and Rock Features [PCASQ].

Applegate, Richard B.
1974  Chumash Placenames [JCA].
1975  The Datura Cult among the Chumash [JCA].
1975  Chumash Narrative Folklore as Sociolinguistic Data [JCA].
1979  The Black, the Red, and the White: Duality and Unity in the Luiseño Cosmos [JCGBA].

Arkush, Brooke S.
1989  Review of "Archaeological Investigations at CA-RIV-1179, CA-RIV-2823, and CA-RIV-2827, La Quinta, Riverside County, California," edited by Mark Q. Sutton and Philip J. Wilke [JCGBA].
2014  Communal Pronghorn Hunting in the Great Basin: What Have We Learned Over the Last Twenty-Five Years? [PCASQ].

Arnold, Jeanne E.
1985  Review of "The Material Culture of the Chumash Interaction Sphere, Volume III: Clothing, Ornamentation, and Grooming," by Travis Hudson and Thomas C. Blackburn [JCGBA].
1990  An Archaeological Perspective on the Historic Settlement Pattern on Santa Cruz Island [JCGBA].
1990  Lithic Resource Control and Economic Change in the Santa Barbara Channel Region [JCGBA].
1993  Chumash Technology: New Discoveries of Uses of Imported Redwood and Asphaltum on the Channel Islands [SCA Proceedings].
1998  Review of "The Chumash and Their Predecessors: An Annotated Bibliography," edited by Marie S. Holmes and John R. Johnson (JCGBA].

Arter, Susan and Mark Roeder
2010  Big Birds, Frogs, Sea Otters, and Lots of Wrasses: Vertebrate Remains Spanning 8,900 Years of Occupation at the Spindrift Village Site in La Jolla, California [SCA Proceedings].

Avina, Mike
2002  Aboriginal Land Use of the Owens Lake Playa [SCA Newsletter - PDF].

Backes, Clarus J., Jr.
2004  More Than Meets the Eye: Fluorescence Photography for Enhanced Analysis of Pictographs [JCGBA].

Bada, Jeffrey L. and Patricia M. Masters
1978  The Antiquity of Human Beings in the Americas: Evidence Derived from Amino Acid Racemization Dating of paleoindian Skeletons.

Badovinac, Peggy
1994  Indicators of Wealth in a Late Patwin Village [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bamforth, Douglas B.
1990  Stone Tool Use and Prehistoric Land-Use Patterns in the Lower Santa Ynez River Valley, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bamforth, Douglas B. and Ronald I. Dorn
1988  On the Nature and Antiquity of the Manix Lake Industry [JJCGBA].

Bard, Cephas L.
2006  A Contribution to the History of Medicine in Southern California [JCGBA].

Bard, James C. and Colin I. Busby
1988  New Perspectives on the Archaeological Sequence in the Coyote Hills Area of the Southern San Francisco Bay: Sites, Components, and Pieces of the Puzzle [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Barker, Michael A., Erlinda Burton and W. Morlin Childers
1973  A Preliminary Report on a Burial Excavated in the Yuha Desert of Imperial County, California.

Barnes, Eric
1970  Kaweah River Archaeology: Thoughts toward a Public Policy.

Barnes, Mark R.
2007  Borax Lake Site Revisited (Yet Again) [Mammoth Trumpet].

Barrett, Samuel A.
1905  Basket Designs of the Pomo Indians [American Anthropologist - PDF].
1908  Pomo Indian Basketry [UCPAAE].
1908  The Ethno-Geography of the Pomo and Neighboring Indians [UCPAAE].
1910  The Material Culture of the Klamath Lake and Modoc Indians of Northeastern California and Southern Oregon [UCPAAE].
1917  Pomo Bear Doctors [UCPAAE].
1917  The Washo Indians [Bulletin of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee].

Barrrows, David Prescott
1900  The Ethno-Botany of the Coahuilla Indians of Southern California.

Barter, Eloise Richards
1990  Achumawi and Atsugewi Fishing Gear [JCGBA].

Barton, Amber, Maria Del Carmen Guzman and Breeann Romo
2010  The Preliminary Results of the 2008 Archaeological Investigations at the Bead Hill Site (KER-450), Buena Vista Lake, California [SCA Proceedings].

Basgall, Mark E.
1979  To Trade, or Not to Trade: A Pomo Example [JCGBA].
1982  Archaeology and Linguistics: Pomoan Prehistory as Viewed from Northern Sonoma County, California [JCGBA].
1987  Review of "Archaeological Investigations at the Owl Canyon Site (CA-SBR-3801), Mojave Desert, California," by Mark Q. Sutton [JCGBA].
1991  Review of "Western Pomo Prehistory: Excavations at Albion Head, Nightbird's Retreat, and Three Chop Village, Mendocino County, California," by Thomas N. Layton [JCGBA].

Basgall, Mark E. and M.C. Hall
2000  Morphological and Temporal Variation in Bifurcate-Stemmed Dart Points of the Western Great Basin [JCGBA].

Bates, Craig D.
1983  A Maidu Acorn Dough Carrier [JCGBA].
1984  Miwok Dancers of 1856: Stereographic Images from Sonora, California [JCGBA].

Bates, Craig D. and Bruce Bernstein
1982  Regional Variation in Maidu Coiled Basketry Materials and Technology [JCGBA].

Baumhoff, M.A.
1976  Review of "The Population of the California Indians, 1769-1970," by Sherburne F. Cook [JCA].
1976  Review of "A Collection of Ethnographical Articles on the California Indians," edited by Robert F. Heizer [JCA].
1977  Review of "California Indians: Primary Resources, A Guide to Manuscripts, Artifacts, Docments, Serials, Music and Illustrations," by Lowell John Bean and Sylvia Brakke Vane [JCA].
1977  Review of "Ethnogeographic and Ethnosynonymic Data from Northern California Tribes" and "Ethnogeographic and Ethnosynonymic Data from Central California Tribes," by C. Hart Merriam [JCA].
1978  Review of "Occasional Papers in Method and Theory in California Archaeology, No. 1," edited by Gary S. Breschini [JCA].
1980  Review of "Indian Names for Plants and Animals among California and Other Western North American Tribes," by C. Hart Merriam [JCGBA].
1980  The Evolution of Pomo Society [JCGBA].

Baumhoff, Martin A., Albert B. Elsasser, Frank Leonhardy, Mark S. Fleisher and Grover S. Krantz
1978  In Response to "The Populating of Western North America" by Grover S. Krantz.

Bean, Lowell John
1975  Power and Its Applications in Native California [JCA].
1980  Memorial to Jane K. Penn (1910-1980) [JCGBA].
1985  Memorial to Carobeth Laird (1895-1983) [JCGBA].

Bean, Lowell John, Sylvia Brakke Vane and Jackson Young
1981  The Cahuilla and the Santa Rosa Mountain Region: Places and Their Native American Associations.

Beck, Charlotte
1995  Functional Attributes and the Differential Persistence of Great Basin Dart Forms [JCGBA].

Beck, Charlotte and George T. Jones
1992  New Directions? Great Basin Archaeology in the 1990s [JCGBA].

Beck, Roman F.
1993  Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Los Peñasquitos Canyon [SCA Proceedings].

Beckett, Nathan, Rachel Kelley, Steven McGannon, and Dustin McKenzie
2014  Casting a Wide Net: Simulated Fishing along the Coast of Central California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bedford, Clare, David W. Robinson, Fraser Sturt, and Julienne Bernard
2014  Making Paintings in South Central California: A Qualitative Methodology for Differentiating between In Situ Red Rock Art Pigments Using Portable XRF [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Beeler, Madison S. and Kathryn A. Klar
1977  Interior Chumash [JCA].

Beezley, John A.
1995  A Coot Kill Site at Lake Cahuilla [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Begole, Robert S.
2007  A Game of Skill? [JCGBA].

Bellifemine, Viviana Inés
1992  Flakes vs. Projectile Points: Changes in Obsidian Procurement in Prehistoric Mendocino County, California, Suggested by Hydration Analysis [IAOS Bulletin - PDF].

Benedict, Ruth Fulton
1924  A Brief Sketch of Serrano Culture [American Anthropologist].

Bennyhoff, James A.
1986  The Emeryville Site (CA-ALA-309) Viewed 93 Years Later [on this website].

Benson, Arlene and Bob Edberg
1982  On the Road to Goleta [JCGBA].

Bertrando, Ethan
2006  Hunter-Gatherers in the Morro Bay Watershed 3650 Years Ago: Settlement, Subsistence and Technology during an Archaeological Point in Time [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bertrando, Ethan and Douglas Harro
1997  Correlations between Lithic Raw Material Quality and Availability and the Formation of Flaked Stone Tool Assemblages: Examples from the Chorro Valley, San Luis Obispo County [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bettinger, Robert L.
1975  Late Prehistoric and Historic Structures in Owens Valley, Eastern California [JCA].
1976  The Development of Pinyon Exploitation in Central Eastern California [JCA].
1977  Reply to McGuire and Garfinkel [JCA].
1980  Review of "The Shoshoni Indians of Inyo County, California: The Kerr Manuscript," edited by Charles N. Irwin [JCGBA].
1980  Obsidian Hydration Dates for Owens Valley Settlement Categories [JCGBA].

Bettinger, Robert L. and Robert Oglesby
1985  Lichen Dating of Alpine Villages in the White Mountains, California [JCGBA].

Bevill, Russell W.
2004  Obsidian Hydration: The Squaw Creek Site Revisited [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bickel, Polly McW.
1977  Review of "Ethnogeography of the Plains Miwok," by James A. Bennyhoff [JCA].
1978  Changing Sea Levels along the California Coast: Anthropological Implications [JCA].
1978  Corrections to Sea Level Article [JCA].

Bieling, D. and S. Psota
1997  Obsidian Studies at CA-ALA-42.
1997  Obsidian Studies at CA-SOL-356.

Bjelajac, Victor, Randy Wiberg and Donald Boothby
1995  Ground Penetrating Radar Survey: Results from Four Sites in California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Black, Jill, Susan Kerr, Lourdes Henebry-DeLeon and Joseph G. Lorenz
2011  Dental Calculus as an Alternate Source of Mitochondrial DNA for Analysis of Skeletal Remains [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Blackburn, Thomas
1976  A Query Regarding the Possible Hallucinogenic Effects of Ant Ingestion in South-Central California [JCA].
1977  Biopsychological Aspects of Chumash Rock Art [JCA].
1999  A "New" Choris Watercolor [JCGBA].
2005  Some Additional Alexander W. Chase Materials [JCGBA].

Bloomer, William W.
1993  For Richer or Poorer: Analyzing Sierran Reduction Assemblages [SCA Proceedings].

Bloomer, William, John Betts and Susan Lindström
2002  'itdi'yu (Ovens) in the Wa'siw Sierra [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bloomer, William and Denise Jaffke
2009  A High Sierran Nexus: Hot Obsidian Data from Donner Memorial State Park [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bocek, Barbara
1988  Sites and Site Clusters: Middle Period Archaeology of the San Francisquito Drainage [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
1992  Subsistence, Settlement and Tribelet Territories on the Eastern San Francisco Peninsula [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bonner, Diane F.
2000  Geoarchaeology at the ARCO Burial Site, Carson, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bonner, Wayne H.
2000  Human Burials [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2000  Vertebrate Fauna Remains [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Borst, George and Rich Olmo
1983  Stratified Prehistoric Sites in Cismontane San Diego County: The Null Set [SDSU Casual Papers - PDF].

Bosak, Jon
1975  Andrew A. Forbes - Photographs of the Owens Valley Paiute [JCA].

Boscana, Gerónimo
1846  Chinigchinich.

Bouey, Paul D.
1979  Population Pressure and Agriculture in Owens Valley [JCGBA].
1987  Appendix: Source Analysis of Obsidian Samples [JCGBA].
1990  Review of "Craft Specialization in the Prehistoric Channel Islands," by Jeanne E. Arnold [JCGBA].
2000  Source Determination of Archaeological Obsidian Specimens, San Clemente Island [PCASQ - PDF].

Boxt, Matthew A. and Drian Dervin Dillon
2013  Prehistoric Pottery of Coastal Los Angeles County [PCASQ].

Boxt, Matthew A. and Alice Hale
2016  Archaeological Shell from CA-LAN-2630 [PCASQ].

Boxt, Matthew A. and L. Mark Raab
2000  Puvunga and Point Conception: A Comparative Study of Southern California Indian Traditionalism [JCGBA].

Boxt, Matthew A., L. Mark Raab, Owen K. Davis and Kevin O. Pope
1999  Extreme Late Holocene Climate Change in Coastal Southern California [PCASQ - PDF].

Brady, Ryan T.
2005  Assessing the Variable Role of Bifaces in Hunter-Gatherer Toolkits of Eastern California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2007  Prehistoric Wetland Use in the Mono Lake Basin, Eastern California [Master's thesis, CSU Sacramento - PDF].

Braje, Todd J.
2007  Geographical and Temporal Variability of Middle Holocene Red Abalone Middens on San Miguel Island, California [JCGBA].

Braje, Todd J. and Jon M. Erlandson
2004  Shell and Bone Artifacts from Two Middle Holocene Red Adbalone Middens on San Miguel Island [PCASQ - PDF].

Braje, Todd J., Jon M. Erlandson and Jan Timbrook
2005  An Asphaltum Coiled Basketry Impression, Tarring Pebbles, and Middle Holocene Water Bottles from San Miguel Island, California [JCGBA].

Bramlette, Allan G.
1989  Phased Archaeological Research within the Los Vaqueros Locality, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Bramlette, Allan G., and Katherine M. Dowdall
1989  Differences in Site Constituents at Salt Point: Alternative Explanations [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Brandoff-Kerr, Joan E. and Dan Reeves
2011  Dirt Roads, Ancient Landscapes, and Early Sites [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2014  Shell Bead Production at Interior Chumash Villages [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Branstetter, Katherine B.
1980  A Wiyot Fancy Basket [JCGBA].
1985  Review of "The Hover Collection of Karuk Baskets," by Virginia M. Fields [JCGBA].

Breschini, Gary S.
1983  The History of Archaeological Classification in Central California [on this website].

Breschini, Gary S. and Trudy Haversat
1986  Archaeological Investigations at CA-MNT-149, in the Del Monte Forest, Monterey County, California [on this website].
1987  Archaeological Investigations at CA-FRE-1333, in the White Creek Drainage, Western Fresno County, California [on this website].
1989  Review of "Surface Archaeology at Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve and the Gamboa Point Properties, Monterey County, California," edited by Martha Brown and Terry Jones [JCGBA].
1991  Archaeological Investigations at CA-SLO-692, in the Nacimiento Lake Area, Northern San Luis Obispo County, California [on this website].
1993  Pitted Stones from CA-SLO-697 and CA-SLO-762, Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, California [on this website].
1997  Linguistics and Prehistory: A Case Study from the Monterey Bay Area [on this website].
1999  Post-Contact Esselen Occupation of the Santa Lucia Mountains [on this website].
2001  AMS Radiocarbon Dates on Three Mussel Shell Fishhooks from CA-MNT-113C, Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California [on this website].
2001  An Unusual "S" Shaped Incised Abalone Pendant from CA-MNT-834, Pebble Beach, Monterey County, California [on this website].
2001  AMS Radiocarbon Date on a Type N1bIII Haliotis Ornament from CA-SCR-44, Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California [on this website].
2001  AMS Radiocarbon Dates on Type G1 and K1 Olivella Shell Beads from CA-MNT-1701, Carmel Valley, Monterey County, California [on this website].
2002  Dating 103 [on this website].
2002  Hands: A Unique Esselen Indian Artform [on this website].
2002  Radiocarbon Dating and Cultural Models on the Monterey Peninsula, California [PCASQ - PDF].
2004  Connections: Results of Mitochondrial DNA Analyses from Monterey County, California [PCASQ - PDF].
2006  Ella Rodriguez 1932-2005 [SCA Newsletter - PDF].
2008  A Revised Culture Sequence for the Monterey Peninsula Area, California [PCASQ - PDF].

Breschini, Gary S., Trudy Haversat and Tom "Little Bear" Nason
1999  The Sarhentaruc Problem [on this website].

Brigandi, Phil
1987  Roscinda Nolasquez Remembered [JCGBA].

Bright, Lisa and Eric J. Bartelink
2014 Health and Nutritional Status at CA-SOL-451 (Encinosa Site): Biological Interpretations and Regional Comparisons [PCASQ - PDF].

Bright, William
1953  The Travels of Coyote: A Karok Myth [Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers - PDF].
1975  The Alliklik Mystery [JCA].
1979  A Karok Myth in "Measured Verse": The Translation of a Performance [JCGBA].
1980  Review of "Travels in Southern California," by John Xántus [JCGBA].
2005  Review of "'Isill éqwas Wáxish: A Dried Coyote's Tail," by Katherine Siva Sauvel and Eric Elliott [JCGBA].

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1959  A Shasta Vocabulary [Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers - PDF].

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2004  Sorting through a Decade of Research at Foothill Ranch, El Toro, Orange County [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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2000  Digging in Desert Dune Fields: Methodological Considerations [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2003  The Monticello Dune Site, La Quinta [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

Brodie, Natalie J.
2009  Shells by the Shores: An Examination of Marine Invertebrates from the Spindrift Site in La Jolla, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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1981  The La Brea Woman (HC 1323): Descriptive Analysis.

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1980  Inferences Regarding Aboriginal Hunting Behavior in the Saline Valley, Inyo County, California [JCGBA].

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1980  An Archaeological Inventory Report of the Owlshead/Amargosa-Mojave Basin Planning Units of the Southern California Desert Area.

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1976  A Tribute to Sherburne Friend Cook, 1896-1974 [on this website].

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1980  The Society for California Archaeology: Founding Purposes and Future Directions.

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2003  Measuring Resource Depression with Archaeological Faunas: Insights from the Emeryville Shell Mound [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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2012 Clay Figurines from the Walker Ranch Site, CA-RIV-333, Riverside County, California [PCASQ - PDF].

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2011  Prehistoric Trails of the Picacho Basin in the Colorado Desert, Imperial County, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2012  From the Stone Age to the Space Age: Santa Susana Field Laboratory Cultural History [SCA Proceedings - PDF].
2014  The Wind Sycamore: A Chumash Sacred Site near Ventura [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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2009  Mound Occupation in the South San Francisco Bay Area: The Yñigo Mound in Historical Context [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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1998  Review of "Archaeological Investigations at the Breakfast Canyon Rockshelters, Death Valley National Monument, Inyo County, California: Shoshone Food Storage and Horticulture in the Southwestern Great Basin," by Robert M. Yohe II and Sharynn-Marie Valdez (JCGBA].

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2005  The Contemporary Use of Psychoactive Mushrooms in Northern California [JCGBA].

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Burton, Margie
2009  Using Pottery Collections with Limited Provenience to Explore Pre-Contact Ceramic Traditions: An Example from the Anza-Borrego Desert [SCA Proceedings - PDF].

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2013  Malcolm J. Rogers on Archaeological Ceramics: Foundations and Current Studies in the San Diego Region [PCASQ].

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1981  Review of "Aspects of Prehistoric Change in Central Eastern California: The Sherwin Grade Site," by Alan P. Garfinkel and Roger A. Cook [JCGBA].

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1999  Collecting and Residing near the Shore: The Role of Small and Large Sites in Settlement Reconstruction [PCASQ - PDF].

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